Champagne Brut Reserve Bereche Et Fils Jeroboam
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Champagne Brut Reserve Bereche Et Fils Jeroboam

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Thanks to the contribution of one third of reserve wines, the Réserve is complex while maintaining freshness. (dosage 9 gr./l.).
This company has undergone a profound "revolution" since (in 2004) the young son of the owner (Raphaël) entered into business. With him, the way of making Champagne has definitely changed: in the vineyard the systemic treatments have been banned and the herbicides and the rows are carried out with care certosina. The cellar is not far off with ample space for spontaneous fermentations and the use of oak barrels of various provenance and capacity, both for vinification and for aging. Also interesting are the drafts made with corks (bouchon liège) to mature the cuvée in "controlled oxidation". Basically we try to restore ancestral techniques, but with contemporary sensibility and awareness. The digestibility element deriving from having adopted these practices is not negligible. Every year Raphaël loves to amaze everyone by taking an absolute novelty out of the cylinder: this time it is the Pi-not Meunier in pure Vallée de la Marne Rive Gauche. And it is immediately to be counted among the champions.

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Bereche Et Fils

 Bereche et fils

Bereche et Fils was founded in 1847 by Albert and Léon, The company is now run by two young brothers Raphael and Vincent who, along with 10 loyal employees, continue a long tradition made of passion, hard work and above all great wines.

The company is located in Ludes, in the mountains of Reims the most important vineyards are allocated in the Premier Cru of Ludes and Ormes, while many others come up to the Vallée de la Marne through micro particle divisions. The vines are grown in the full respect of the environment,  systemic treatments, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are strictly avoided. The process is done traditionally in the cellar also avoiding the seepage of any type and favoring the natural fermentations.

Their every product is carefully selected and achieves excellence thanks to precise study of their soils and thanks by using ancestral methods, passed down from generation to generation until today.

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