Chablis Dauvissat 2018
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Chablis Dauvissat 2018

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The Domaine Dauvissat has sold wine under its own label and remains one of the great traditionalists of Chablis. Since the torch was transmitted from generation to generation, here little has changed: the techniques are still classic and remarkably similar to those used by Raveneau.
The wines have become increasingly profound since Vincent Dauvissat joined his father, René, in the '70s. Vincent prefers natural farming, using sparingly the treatments for the vine, if at all. The fruit is harvested by hand and not de-stemmed; the fermentation takes place partly in steel tanks and partly in wood, and aging takes place in barrels for six to eight years. Dauvissat has always aged its wines in cask, believing that this allowed the wine to breathe during the élévage. As René Dauvissat said in 2002, "The oak is very important for Chablis. The synergy between air and wood adds character and also helps to soften the wine.Without the oak, Chablis would be too hard."

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Vincent Dauvissat

Vincent Dauvissat

The Domaine Dauvissat has its roots around the 1920s in Chablis, although its reputation arrives thanks to Renè. In 1976, his son Vincent joined the company and leads him connected today. In addition to an organic approach of the vineyard and very low yields, the cellar techniques have remained intact: pressing and settling of the must, slow fermentation at low temperature in cement tanks, where the wine remains until after the malolactic fermentation (about a year), to then be transferred to oak barrels. Vincent today manages an almost unique heritage of vineyards, with the unreachable climates that give the wines a tense texture and acidity that has made the stamp of the Dauvissat famous all over the world.

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