Dolcetto d'Alba Priavino Roberto Voerzio 2022
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Dolcetto d'Alba Priavino Roberto Voerzio 2022

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Dolcetto by Voerzio is the only wine that is fermented and refined in steel containers only. Aging takes place on its own yeasts and the aging phase lasts for about 10 months. Roberto Voerzio produced Dolcetto for the first time in 1987.

Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio at the beginning of his adventure about 20 years ago made a choice: Roberto Voerzio between quantity and quality has chosen quality but the choice he makes on the bunches is almost extreme. When the bunch is growing on the plant, in addition to a first root pruning in which it saves the best bunches, it cuts into a second passage, sometimes in half to three quarters sometimes the bunch of the best that have passed the first selection. The goal is to concentrate as much as possible, in a few grains, all the items and the most wide range of varietal expressions.

Apertis verbis on winery operations in which no substance is used that can change the characteristics of the wine. The alcoholic fermentation lasts from 10 to 30 days and occurs spontaneously without inoculation of yeasts.

At the end of malolactic fermentation in steel tanks, all wines, except Dolcetto, are decanted into the wood for the period of aging. The amount of sulphites is usually less than 50% of the amount permitted by law and is used exclusively during bottling: this is the only substance present in the grape.

There is no filtration in any wine and the maximum expression of Roberto's wines, according to him only after at least 5 or 6 years of aging in bottle, and then slowly evolve between 20 and 30 years if stored in optimal conditions.

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