Champagne Sir Wiston Churchill Pol Roger 2012
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Champagne Sir Wiston Churchill Pol Roger 2012

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The Sir Wiston Churchill cuvée was created by Maison Pol Roger on the occasion of the 1975 vintage, in honor of the great Pol Roger fan, Sir. Wiston. The Maison developed a particular assembly, still secret, able to imitate the thousandths 1928, 1934, 1947. It was turned out and put on the market in 1984, the year of birth of the statesman. The wine is still produced by Grand Cru vineyards with very old vines planted between the '30s and' 40s.

Three Senses

Pol Roger's flagship wine, Sir. Wiston Churchill, is a champagne that is waiting in the glass. Once opened, the bread-making notes, orange blossom, hints of undergrowth, dried fruit and butter are immediately activated. In the mouth the Champagne has a perfect bubble, a unique density, but also a well-balanced acidity, which brings out the elegance with extreme naturalness.

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Pol Roger

Winston churchill and Champagne Pol Roger

Pol Roger is defined as a boutique-house of Champagne because it is considered among the best ever and particularly appreciated in the Channel, especially thanks to its most famous customer: Winston Churcill. The maison was founded in 1849 in Ay, for this reason the style linked to Pinot Noir, from the nineteen year old Pol Roger, while the transfer to Epernay took place at the beginning of the 20th century with his sons Maurice and Georges. These will honor the father by changing the surname in Pol Roger. Pol Roger boasts the deepest (up to 35m) and cold (9.5 ° C) cellars of Champagne, which would make the same Champagne maturation better and the bubble finer. The bottles are all turned by hand.

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