Rum Admiral Rodney Princessa Santa Lucia
Rum Admiral Rodney Princessa Santa Lucia
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Rum Admiral Rodney Princessa Santa Lucia

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Strike of the St.Lucia distillery in terms of aging and complexity, it is a 100% rum produced by continuous distillation, as a blend of rums aged in different American oak barrels: Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Buffalo Trace.
The Admiral Rodney Rum line represents the oldest and most complex production of St. Lucia Distilleries. This rum takes the name of one of the ships used during the battle of the saints. The production process involves, after a long fermentation of molasses in open tanks with indigenous yeasts, distillation in column and discontinuous alembics. For aging we use American oak barrels previously used for Bourbon Whiskey, Sherry or Cognac. Only after maturation, of 5-9 years, we proceed to the blend.

Santa Lucia Distillery

Saint Lucia Distillery and Pot Still

St. Lucia Distillers vision is to be the leading boutique rum distillery producing world class rums that are available globally.

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