Madeira Rainwater 5 YO Barbeito
Madeira Rainwater 5 YO Barbeito
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Madeira Rainwater 5 YO Barbeito

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The Madeira Rainwater 5 Years Barbeito comes from grapes from several quality vineyards of Tinta Negra. The fermentation stops at the desired degree of sweetness with the addition of alcohol (96%), controlling the alcohol content thanks to about 600 samples tasted during the year.

The Rainwater Barbeito is aged in French oak barrels for 5 years using the Canteiro method, ie leaving the barrels abroad exposed to sunlight and developing the oxidative process. For this mixture the wines of the warehouses have been selected with stable temperatures all the year that originate wines very well balanced in sugar and acidity.

Three Senses

Bright, amber gold color, this Madeira Rainwater Barbeito show releases confectionery and honey notes. Hot, well balanced great to finish together with panettone and maron glacé.


barbeito working on the vineyards

In the early years the company has concentrated its efforts in the production of bottled wine. New marketing concepts have been introduced in the Madeira wine business.

Over time, the company has increased its activities and found itself involved in the bulk wine trade in the early 70s. This involvement has brought many changes to Barbeito's daily operations due to excessive production growth.

Competition among the exporters in the bulk wine sector was very high and small companies had to strive to maintain that area of activity profitable.

During the 1980s, the involvement of Barbeito in this type of exports was damaging the quality of the bottled wine produced.

The difficult decision to stop the export of bulk wine took place only in 1991 with the entry of Ricardo Vasconcelos Freitas into the company. In fact, 1991 was the year of the beginning of many changes in Vinhos Barbeito: among all the absence of added caramel that had characterized the wines produced up to that moment. Not just a detail considering that the customers' cellar were used to seeing the dark colored liquid that characterizes the grapes within a few years of ageing, while with the new production method the dark color only appears after 50 years from the bottling process.

When Ricardo became responsible for the production of wine, in 1993, after two years of learning the "secrets" of the style and character of Barbeito, he faced alone his first harvest, right from the start with the sole objective of producing good wines. quality with a unique style.

This decision allows Barbeito to concentrate all efforts in the only aging, production and mixing of the best quality wines. It was like going back in time, when the grandfather just wanted to produce and sell a good bottled wine, only in small quantities.

Since then Vinhos Barbeito has never stopped investing in buying good quality grapes to produce fine wines. To achieve this goal, year after year, they work to establish ever closer relationships with all the farmers they work with.

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