Pannobile  Heinrich 2015
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Pannobile Heinrich 2015

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Pannobile Heinrich is a peaceful pleasure. Strength lies in serenity. It comes from the high potential Scanno sites located on the south-facing slopes of the Gols and on the east-oriented slopes of the Leithaberg. A delightful reflection of the often very beautiful sandy soil and limestone and slate soils at the northern end of the Neusiedler See (Lake Neusiedl), which moderates the warm Pannonian mesoclimate. Organic and biodynamic cultivation of vineyards. Spontaneous fermentation, three-week maceration on the skins in fermentation vats in wood, delicate basket press, maturation of 21 months in 500-liter oak barrels.

Three Senses

No harsh opulence, but rather subtle, precise red-berried fruit in a delicately woven tannin cloak that opens on the palate in layers and continues on the long taut finish. Sincere, yet frank and nevertheless, floral and fruit-driven, worn like a light summery wrap dress - the 2015 Pleasing has plenty of love to share. The openhearted fruit parade and multifaceted aroma, so typical of the 2015 vintage, open like a peacock's tail in the glass. The velvety softness of its fundamental disposition gains satisfying momentum A balanced, yet eclectic style, in which straightforward sincerity and intrinsic harmony bring pure joy.

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Heinrich in vigna

Great wines express a sense of place and are best able to do this when they are rooted in a biologically diverse environment where the vitality of the soil is intact and vines live in symbiosis with the complex ecosystem in which they live.

Heinrich's highest aspiration is to give nature and its many facets a voice through wines. The ways and means to achieve this are marked by many fundamental actions and decisions that set the course and reflect ethical and quality philosophies.

The Heinrich family decided to convert to biodynamic viticulture in 2006, a decision based on the goal of making the winery's own vineyards successively more resilient, more vital and more heterogeneous.

At the same time, Heinrich allows his wines and himself the freedom of less and less intervention. Regardless of the fact that all wines are fermented spontaneously and are often left on the skins for weeks, it is above all time that shapes Heinrich's wines.

To this end, the wines remain unaltered on their lees, most of the time in used wooden barrels, and develop their own unique spectrum of aromas over time. There is an awareness of these natural processes, which are closely monitored, giving rise to the idea of producing authentic and truly genuine wines.

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