Naked White Heinrich 2021
Naked White Heinrich 2021
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Naked White Heinrich 2021

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Naked White is the white with which Gernot Heinrich presents his range of wines. Over the last 5 years transformations in the company have reached an end point.

The strength and determination applied by the Heinrich winery to be able to offer completely "Naked" wines is enclosed in this bottle with precise elements: a blend of grapes including Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Gruner Veltliner, Welschriesling or more precisely all those vines that were in the past vinified alone; maceration in steel for one night with whole bunches; the refinement for 8 months in large used oak barrels. Bottling without adding sulfur.

Welcshriesling, added in minimal quantities, is a native vine that is grown on calcareous sandstone soils on the east-facing slopes of Leithaberg (Mountain of Leith).

The vineyards are cultivated according to Respekt's biodynamic regulations.

Three Senses

Head up and proudly, Naked White opens the dances with a splendid variety of green-yellow fruits, refreshing herbal notes and herbs with ethereal spices that culminate in an unexpected salty aftertaste that never seems to end. Thanks to a tight weave of delicate tannins and the intrinsic freshness of a leavened veil, this wine immediately distances itself from the classic and likes with a spontaneous freestyle interpretation of the Welschriesling vine. Indeed a completely different world. Attention: for maximum enjoyment, shake before pouring!

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Heinrich in vigna

Great wines express a sense of place and are best able to do this when they are rooted in a biologically diverse environment where the vitality of the soil is intact and vines live in symbiosis with the complex ecosystem in which they live.

Heinrich's highest aspiration is to give nature and its many facets a voice through wines. The ways and means to achieve this are marked by many fundamental actions and decisions that set the course and reflect ethical and quality philosophies.

The Heinrich family decided to convert to biodynamic viticulture in 2006, a decision based on the goal of making the winery's own vineyards successively more resilient, more vital and more heterogeneous.

At the same time, Heinrich allows his wines and himself the freedom of less and less intervention. Regardless of the fact that all wines are fermented spontaneously and are often left on the skins for weeks, it is above all time that shapes Heinrich's wines.

To this end, the wines remain unaltered on their lees, most of the time in used wooden barrels, and develop their own unique spectrum of aromas over time. There is an awareness of these natural processes, which are closely monitored, giving rise to the idea of producing authentic and truly genuine wines.

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