Sangiovese Romagna Ibbola Mutiliana 2020
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Sangiovese Romagna Ibbola Mutiliana 2020

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Sangiovese Ibola Mutiliana: Ibola is the valley with the most extreme characteristics: here the sandstones become almost pure to the detriment of the marl component, the altitudes reach the most important altitudes and the woods become absolute protagonists. Ibola is the most closed valley, the one where the grapes ripen late, even at the end of October. The Sangiovese here is expressed on an austere and very elegant register, with a salty and sharp mouth and rarefied tannins.


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Sharp, salty, austere, very refined. It is the Sangiovese of Modigliana - for 6 centuries capital of that which was the so-called Toscana Toscana, a corner of the Apennines ruled by the Medici and still in province of Florence after the unification of Italy - here vinified territory by territory to tell with precision the nuances of each different valley.

The grapes are in fact selected in the three valleys that rise from Modigliana (Ibola, Tramazzo and Acerreta) and vinified with the purest artisan canons. It's a project cultural that tells the details, 40 years after the incredible adventure of Ronchi di Castelluccio, the extraordinary vocation of the most interesting among the high territories of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines.

The Mutiliana project is by Giorgio Melandri, critic and journalist who first understood and valued this territory, which selects the most interesting grapes thanks to a territorial knowledge that it does not have comparisons.

Ibola is the most closed valley, the one where the grapes ripen late, even at the end of October. The soils of the Ebola are of marne purissime and the sangiovese expresses itself on an austere and very elegant register, with a mouth salty and sharp and rarefied tannins. The nose has floral aromas, purple on all, and an earthly hint which anticipates the great minerality of the mouth.

Tramazzo which is in the lands of marne and the sandstones there is a small presence of clays, but the high altitude of the vineyards gives the sangiovese a great finesse. The nose is balsamic - blue, oregano, delicate sage - and the delicate and deep mouth. A thin wine that finds energy and complexity in the mouth. Tannin finish silky and perfect balance.

Acerreta is the valley with the richest soils, with a quota of clays that brings the sangiovese to express a plot tight and thick tannins. The wines are fruity, with the call to the pomegranate to sign the nose of the Sangiovese.

The mouth is material and full, fleshy and vertical. A wine of character, which expresses the fruit with clarity and leaves to the sapidity a simple role in the complexity of a final that proposes the pomegranate and a refined green note that will express itself over the years on minerality.

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