Coteaux Champenois Bicheret Francoise Martinot
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Coteaux Champenois Bicheret Francoise Martinot

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Charles Dufour very talented winemaker champenoise has also started to sign the great espresisoni of bianoo wine vinified in Burgundian style. He chose the grapes to which he is more fond of the PInot Blanc to elaborate a decidedly greedy wine.

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Charles Dufour

Charles Dufour

The Dufour family has been established in the Aube since 1925. This area of ​​the champagne region far from the big cru and almost attached to the Chablis region is becoming a true point of reference for champagne de Vigneron. Here comes the most opulent, rich, joyful and fruity Champagne ... the bubbles that awaken today the most bored palates.

Charles Dufour transforms the traditional farming of the Domaine, passing definitively to a biocertificated agriculture in 2010. Its stainless choices are: no enrichment of musts, alcoholic fermentations with only native yeasts, no filtration or clarification of sparkling bases. Refinement made in wood and fine lees, in a spirit of respect for wine, and with the desire to ease its breath. The sulfur dioxide is also banned from the boiling phase, after which no dispensation with liqueur d'expédition occurs.

Champagne Bulles de Comptoir is refined in bourguigon pieces and no additions of sulfur to bottling



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