Riflesso Rosi Eugenio Rosi 2018
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Riflesso Rosi Eugenio Rosi 2018

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Riflesso Rosi has a crown cap but it is not a sparkling wine. In fact the Cabernet and Merlot grapes remain in contact with the skins for two days, in a sort of short red maceration, to which a part of Anisos pomace is then added to fix the color in Rosé. The umpteenth and successful experimentation of our eclectic winemaker.

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Eugenio Rosi

Eugenio Rosi

Eugenio Rosi studied oenology at the Institute of S. Michele all'Adige and then became the winemaker for 11 vintages in the Cellar. He graduated from the institute as a technician, even if his origin comes from an agricultural family. The work in the Social Cellars is not fully shared by Eugenio and while he continues to work he imagines his personal winemaking. The first comes in 1997 from a cut of cabernet and merlot, leaning in a friend's cellar. Over the years Eugenio together with his wife Tamara find the ideal situation, in a late 1400 building built in lime, where the wines are refined in wooden barrels. Eugenio is a craftsman of wine, which produces artisan wines, interpreting the grape harvest every year and above all interpreting its territory.

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