Pinot Nero Weingut Abraham 2017
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Pinot Nero Weingut Abraham 2017

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The Pinot Nero Abraham has been present in Appiano for over 150 years and was already known and cultivated by the great-grandparents of the family. The calcareous, red-clayey soil under the Mendola massif and the cool climate of the area closely resemble the territory of Burgundy, of which this variety is native and offer an ideal premise for quality production. What makes a Pinot Noir a great wine? Not strength or color, neither exuberance nor warmth, but elegance and finesse, combined with persistence and sapidity, makes this wine incomparable in its aristocratic taste. A selection of clones of French vines, which bear berries of small size to obtain a composite aroma. In plant protection we rely essentially on biological methods and hand work. The soil guarantees the humus necessary for the growth of the vines and respecting the environment with natural fertilization. Careful and appropriate management of the leaves protects the vines from excessive solar irradiation, typical of alpine areas, providing grapes with the conditions for harmonious development. To establish the ideal moment of the harvest, the quality of the ripening grapes is tested daily. The vinification is carried out with "purist" methods, without adding ingredients to increase the taste. The spontaneous fermentation of the pomace is followed by the refinement in oak barrels, where the wine takes on its properties. The Abraham nvisione is to produce a Black Pine that arouses emotions, sprouts vivacity and elegance, represents its origin frankly and offers a taste of the highest level.

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Weingut Abraham

Weingut Abraham

Young farmers for tradition and passion for viticulture: this is the secret that surrounds the Weingut Abraham winery run by Martin and Marlies Abraham in the area of Appiano, in Trentino Alto Adige. It all started in 2011 when they decided to make their own grapes by focusing on responsible management of the vineyards and always taking into account the knowledge of their "fathers" that accompanies them, still, in this great adventure.
Recognizing, respecting and preserving the unique character of their vineyard, always producing characteristic and expressive wines, has always been their great goal. It is not just a job: it is a conception of life. Their vineyards come to life along the geological fracture that lies between the deep porphyry soils and the alluvial limestone soils of the Dolomites.
The uniqueness and strardinality of the territory are enclosed in their wines.

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