Vermentino Birbante Rondelli 2020
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Vermentino Birbante Rondelli 2020

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The heat of the vineyard cradles the grapes until harvest. The first part, about a third of the total, is a crunchy grape, not too sunny, which is macerated. The remainder is vinified in white at a low temperature, about 20 degrees. All the masses end in wood and refine there for 6 months. All the fermentations are spontaneous and the wines are not clarified. The delicate hand of Roberto Rondelli transfers the pure expression of the territory into the bottle, to give us a wine with a real taste.

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Rondelli Cantina

Roberto Rondelli starts making wine at just eighteen years old following his dreams along a difficult but full of satisfaction path. Immediately he commits himself to redeem the land of Migliarina on which his grandfather Pepin's vineyards grow, and within a few years he also begins to plant ones of his own, mainly Rossese di Dolceacqua, but also Vermentino and Pigato. Deep love for the earth and its roots reverberates in a vision of the work of the winemaker who respects the soil and the plants. A light hand that accompanies the grapes in all its phases so that it is as expressive as possible of the time and place where it is born. Progressively abandoning the patterns of the protocols, acquiring through experience and knowledge of his own grapes, Roberto presented a wine-making process in contact with the wine, following its noises, smells and movements. It is a language that allows you to respect times and needs, using only techniques and biological products with some biodynamic practices. The harvest is carried out in several phases, separating the area and the different maturations from the grapes, and the masses are kept divided until the final assembly. Time is his main ally, both for the timeliness of some interventions in the cellar, and for the expectation of a perfect maturation. Rondelli wines refine about a year more than the market trend, while Migliarina, its red all in wood, the participants at least 4 years after the harvest, refining two years in wood and two in glass.

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