Regnie Guy Breton 2022
Regnie Guy Breton 2022
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Regnie Guy Breton 2022

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The vineyards were planted by Guy Breton's grandfather, 35 years ago the young and 100 years the oldest. The shallow soil, composed of sand and decomposed stone, gives the roots of the vines a privileged access to the rocks below, creating wines that, like the plant that generates them, have a strong hold and a tenacious freshness.

Guy Breton

Guy Breton Winery

The little Max, as called by his friends, is one of the great Vignerons of the ranks of the four who raised the reputation of the  Beaujolais, unfortunately still sadly famous for the 'vino novello', but traditionally devoted to sensational wines. Guy Breton succeeds to his grandfather in 1986, years in which the grapes still give the great producers, and turn towards a vinification at home on genuine bases: organic farming, harvest at full maturity, rigorous selection of the healthiest grapes, use of yeasts only indigenous, no fining or filtration, minimal use of sulfites only when necessary. Together with Jules Chauvet, Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Paul Thevenet and Jean Foillard, Guy Breton is a founder of the movement back to nature that has shocked and fascinated the whole world. In just 7.2 hectares of vineyards grow the Gamay pure vines, aged from 8 to 80 years, and some particles planted 120 years ago.

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