Vosne Romanee Georges Noellat 2016
Vosne Romanee Georges Noellat 2016
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Vosne Romanee Georges Noellat 2016

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The grapes of the Village of Vosne-Romanee Georges Noellat come mainly from the climat Champs Perdrix, above Aux Reignots, on shallow draining soils. Always considered the best among the municipal plots, it makes wines with great elegance.

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Georges Noellat

Georges Noellat

The name Noellat in Burgundy is one of the most famous. It was Georges Noellat, great-grandfather of Maxime Cherluin in 1914 who gave life to the Domaine. The branches of the Noellat family intersect with the other historic families of Pinot Noir, such as Jayer, Confuron, Leroy. The company is living the direct passage from Madame Marie Therese Noellat to her nephew Maxime, after years in which the vines and grapes have been managed by the Domaine Jadot and Drohuin. Maxime began to be interested in family vines at the age of 18 and today is a member of a group of Cote's highly trained, ambitious and competitive talents who want to impose their philosophy based on rigor and quality, among which row we also find the sons of Rouget, Mortet and Geantet and many others. The Domaine has just under 6 hectares of vineyard, however, possessing an incredible scale of parcels in the most suitable areas of Vosne-Romanée and Flagey Echezeaux.

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