Vino Cotto Stravecchio Tiberi David 2010
Vino Cotto Stravecchio Tiberi David 2010
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Vino Cotto Stravecchio Tiberi David 2010

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The Stravecchio di Loro Piceno vinocotto is obtained from must of native white and red grapes. The pressed grapes release the must which undergoes a slow boiling over direct heat. Then follows a wooden passage where an uncontrolled spontaneous fermentation is activated. The wine is then bottled without any filtration.
Cooked wine has a high antioxidant power due to the caramelization of sugars during pasteurization of the must.

Three Senses

The cooked wine Stravecchio di Loro Piceno has a rooster's eye color, the nose is intense and complex with spicy fragrant nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon and fruity of dried dates and fig jam; sweet, warm, soft with good structure, balanced, intense and persistent with a long finish perfectly corresponding to the olfactory sensations.

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Tiberi David

Tiberi David

The Tiberi David farm is located on the Marche hills, in Loro Piceno, between the provinces of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno at an altitude of 400 meters. SLM.

The heart of the company is the vineyard of about one hectare with Verdicchio, Malvasia, Montepulciano, Trebbiano and Sangiovese vines. The ripening and the harvesting of the grapes mark the end of the labors in the fields and the beginning of the work in the cellar. The production of Cotto wine commits the whole family for several days; the grapes are harvested by hand early in the morning, the best bunches are collected in boxes, immediately taken to the cellar, crushed and then pressed by the arms. The must thus produced is boiled, and by midnight, the cycle is finished. Tiberi David cooked wine ages for a minimum of 10 years.

In the production of Cooked Wine another important phase is barrel aging; the Tiberi company boasts barrels of cooked wine with more than 40 years of aging. The label used on bottles of Vino Cotto is over 100 years old. The product bears the name of “VINO COTTO STRAVECCHIO MARCA OCCHIO DI GALLO”; the elderly say that Cooked Wine, to be good, must have a color equal to the color of the eye of the rooster. Cooked Wine is also used to flavor meat, to prepare the "vincisgrassi" sauce, or for custard. But above all it is tradition to use it at home to treat coughs and colds

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