Il Trebbiano Sergio Marani 2021
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Il Trebbiano Sergio Marani 2021

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The over 40 years old plants of Trebbiano are located right in the middle of the vineyard next to the cellar. For a long time vinified together with Verdicchio, for two years they have been harvested and processed separately, extracting an exemplary wine. The vinification follows the corporate style then ferments in steel and then stops for 5 months in old wooden tonneaux.

Sergio Marani

Sergio Marani

From the Vocabolo San Nicola, in Matelica, a panorama opens up with spectacular views. To the south there are the snow-capped mountains of the Sibillini with an extension to the east of the mountain range which then ends in Fabriano.

Surrounded by these hills there are also the beautiful vineyards of the Sergio Marani farm. A historical producer of Matelica, unknown to many, but known to those who drink bulk wine daily.

Sergio Marani was born in the vineyards together with his father and grandfather who planted and kept the vineyard; from the 80s it is his turn and he continues to produce exceptional bulk wine, from old vineyards, also including the Trebbiano which is in the middle of the rows. Here the spark is triggered also in the children, in particular in Luca, who attends the agricultural institute and subsequently the university of oenology and enters the company with the desire to enhance the viticultural heritage of the family.
Then it happens that one day the legendary Francesco Bordini (Villa Papiano) walks in the vineyards of Marani, and everything immediately materializes, as if it were a universal design.

True soul people, Marani family, they do not want to leave a grain of tradition and heritage on the street.

The eight hectares of land are managed with soveci, dry pruning, and thinning that characterize the cultivation of the vine, linking it to principles of high quality and respect for the environment.

The old tonneaux, which have always been used enough to have a 5 cm layer of tartrate accumulated over the years, are the containers for winemaking and aging. Here also passes the Trebbiano which is vinified in purity, starting from the oldest plants of the property. And also the two excellent wines San Nicola, the vineyard facing south and Oppano, the vineyard facing north, stop in these old containers which are a blessing for the contact of wine with oxygen.

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