Bianco G Nino Barraco 2022
Bianco G Nino Barraco 2022
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Bianco G Nino Barraco 2022

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Nino Barraco's Grillo has all the pleasantness of wine made from grapes only. The vineyard of just 2 hectares was planted in 1975 on a sand and red earth dune, beautiful to look at and strongly characterizing on the grapes, with a mixed system of Alberello and Guyot only 10m above sea level. Barraco and his "King on the sand" takes us back to the artisan Sicily of the Marsala area. From the harvest at the end of August, the grapes ferment on the skins for 3-6 days in steel, then refine in concrete until the following June.

Nino Barraco

Nino Barraco

The artisan character of the Barraco company is guaranteed by the exclusive control, by the sole producer, of the fundamental agronomic and enological practices. This condition allows continuous research and experimentation aimed at achieving an interpretation of wine that is ever more faithful to the place, the microclimate and the human experience that produce it.
The business idea is not that of a "perfect" wine, but of a wine recognizable by its personality, in which the dissonant notes participate powerfully in the characterization of the same. To achieve this goal the homologation made by the intervention of technicians is carefully avoided, relying on the complexity and variability of nature.

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