Porto Senior Tawny Niepoort
Porto Senior Tawny Niepoort
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Porto Senior Tawny Niepoort

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According to the Niepoort philosophy, in the fundamental balance between innovation and tradition, the label of the Porto Tawny Senior fully, with its mustache, the age of the wine bottled in a perfect blend with the youngest and freshest. The grapes come from vineyards in the Douro valley, Cima Corgo region, cultivated with low yield. The wine produced in Lagares is then transferred to small oak barrels which guarantees optimal oxidation in the lodges owned in Vila Nova de Gaia, where they age undisturbed. It has always been one of the Tawny most appreciated by connoisseurs.

Three Senses

Brick red, tawny in color, with the youngest wines to support its freshness and the older ones to give depth and complexity. To be drunk as an aperitif, at room temperature or slightly refreshed, but capable of holding up very well a combination with cheeses and desserts, especially if enriched with a load of chocolate.



Niepoort has been an independent family business for over a century and a half; five generations have succeeded Niepoort since Franciscus Marius Niepoort founded the company in 1842. Almost always, two generations have worked side by side for many years, contributing to a successful transition. In this moment, you look enthusiastically at the sixth generation in the future.

Niepoort's mission is to maintain his position of "niche player", giving continuity to the production of Porto wines and Douro wines, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation.

Dirk is the current leader of the family-a role handed down to him from his father, with the challenge to "innovate while preserving good traditions." Dirk's sons Daniel, Marco and Ana are following in their father's footsteps to ensure that the next chapters of the Niepoort story continue to be as fruitful as each vintage.

All the wines that bear the Niepoort seal reflect the bold and deeply rooted spirit of the family. Each glass encapsulates the essence of terroir, a wonder that attracts inquisitive minds and testifies to a deep respect for nature, for the "elders" who, as Dirk acknowledges over and over again, have taught him everything he knows, and for the men and women who practice this challenging profession on a daily basis. Each step in the process is carefully thought out and based on respect for decades of accumulated wisdom along the way. Dirk sums it up well: "The way we make wine is very simple: it requires perfectionism and attention to detail. And that applies to everything in my life."

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