Champagne Extra Brut Le Bois de Binson Eric Taillet
Champagne Extra Brut Le Bois de Binson Eric Taillet
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Champagne Extra Brut Le Bois de Binson Eric Taillet

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Le Bois de Binson is a Blanc De Meunieur, 100% Pinot Meunier grapes vinified in white, coming from the Montigny vineyards. This basic cuvée is made up of 70% grapes from the 2016 vintage to which 30% Vin de Reserve from 2014 is added. Malolactic fermentation not carried out, resting on the lees for over 48 months, disgorgement dosage of only 1.5 g/ L. The aging took place in wooden barrels and once in the bottle, bouchon liege was used for the second fermentation.

The Taillet style is based on the fact that Eric is almost certainly the most authoritative spokesman for Pinot Meunier. To the credit of the Taillet family, winemakers for four generations, just under 6 hectares of vines in the Beval valley, the northern area of the Vallée de la Marne, of which over 4 planted with Pinot eunier. The 35,000 bottles per year represent the best of the harvest, half of the grapes are instead sold to the big Maisons. Very attentive to the work of the vineyard (conducted in a regime close to organic), Eric has noticed over the years that the oldest family plots (some dated 1950) had unique and often "unrepeatable" characteristics.

Three Senses

The characteristics of pinot meunier enhanced by sustainable viticulture that winks at organic products; grassing of the rows, no chemical treatments but only certified organic ones. A Champagne of roundness and pleasantness, with notes of ripe white fruit (yellow plum, candied citrus) but without excess of sweetness, especially for Extra Brut. To drink without moderation.

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Eric Taillet

Eric Taillet

Nestled in the heart of the Marne Valley, Maison Taillet marketed its first bottles in 1961. The Taillet family has always been involved in the cultivation of vines, and Champagne production began shortly thereafter. Marketing the first bottles was Daniel Taillet.

Today, the Maison is run by Éric Taillet, 4th generation, who affirms more than ever the philosophy of working the vine with respect for the environment and in harmony with nature.

A perfectionist, he wishes to preserve in each of his champagnes, a typicality and style recognizable at the first sip.

Meunier, Maison Taillet's emblematic grape variety, is cultivated only from dated vines on a living, clay, limestone soil composed of flint, marl and clay.
For Éric, Meunier is the fruit that represents finesse, length in the mouth, in short, an extraordinary aromatic palette.

For many years the vines have been cultivated without herbicides or fertilizers.
The Maison aims to cultivate on "living" soil and does so through the addition of organic matter to encourage the development of microbial life, deep secondary rooting (revealing terroir) and water reserve.

To the Taillet family's credit just under 6 hectares planted to vines in the Beval valley, northern part of the Vallè de la Marne, more than 4 of which are planted to Pinot Meunier. The 35,000 bottles a year represent the best of the harvest, with half of the grapes being sold to the big Maisons instead. Very attentive to vineyard work (conducted in a regime close to organic), Eric has noticed over the years how the oldest family plots (some dating back to 1950) had unique and often "unrepeatable" characteristics.


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