Menate Zero Menat 2020
Menate Zero Menat 2020
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Menate Zero Menat 2020

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Menate Zero Menat is the first wine of the cellar, its recipe will change from year to year, the second vintage comes from 100% Gaglioppo. Vinified and refined in Georgian earthenware amphorae, kvevri. Without additives or added sulfur. In 2020 it is a fresh rosé and juicy taste.

Three Senses

Zeus is the rosé wine of Menat. Intense cherry colour rosé for this Cerasuolo. It is vinous with crunchy framboise and saltiness. What a sapid juicy taste!

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Menat cellar

We are in Calabria exactly in San Nicola dell'Alto, a microscopic town overlooking Cirò, Torre Melissa, the Ionian coast from above and a looking to tomorrow*.

Nicola explains us where the Menat winery is located, telling us jokingly that those who have the courage to venture there and the luck to get there will be rewarded for determination.

Of course, this only makes us more curious to see and touch all those fascinating Georgian-style amphorae.

Exactly in Georgian style are also the wines, born from a ten-year experience of Nicola as an importer of Georgian wines.

But let's take a step back: one day Nicola decides to leave the world of wine and dedicate himself to the world of coffee, he moves to Mexico and after a few years a historical friend, Michele, visits him. Unaware that his visit would have changed his life forever, Michele proposes a short return to Italy and a consultation to start taking care of his grandfather's vineyards in Calabria. From that moment he leaves Latin America, returns to Calabria and becomes Michele's partner. The ideas are clear from the beginning: to create a Georgia style winery. In 2018 the first wine from the Menat winery (tomorrow is Menat meaning*) was born , without chemistry and with a lot of pleasure. In fact Menat wines have a pleasant taste, both aesthetic (the labels are one more beautiful than the other) and above all in the glass. They are extremely friendly wines, like them after all, bright, brilliant, fresh and young but with a definite and well-defined imprint.

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