Sauvignon Blanc Macea 2020
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Sauvignon Blanc Macea 2020

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The White Wine of Antonio and Cipriano Barsanti is made from Sauvignon grapes. This unusual vine for the Apuan Alps area, was planted by the family at the beginning of the millennium, in 2000. The vines were planted in the hills near the Serchia river. The production process does not differ from the rest: the harvested grapes are fermented in whole bunches and then pressed and placed in barriques for aging. The fermentation is activated by indigenous yeasts and the wine after a few months of rest in cask and some racking if necessary is bottled without filtration or clarification.
A mention for the beautiful labels, which are prints of drawings by Cipriano and Antonio's father.


Macea Az. Agr. - Borgo a Mozzano



Coming from Lucca, after crossing the Serchio river, we head to Borgo a Mozzano, with Abetone to the east and the legendary Apuan Alps to the west. Park the car and enter the woods to enter the fairy world of Macea and meet the elf Cipriano Barsanti. A landscape different from the more famous Tuscany, much more difficult; the vineyard, where it exists, has a maximum slope. Cipriano's family has owned this land since before his birth. Montepulciano was cultivated which struggled to mature due to low temperatures. Choices were made aimed at international vines out of necessity. The attachment to these places was stronger than adversity. Then Cipriano became an oenologist, and after some noble experiences he returned to the company. The climate has changed and today one of the most interesting Pinot Noirs in Italy comes out from here. Antonio is Cipriano's elder brother, who returned to Garfagnana after a career as a musician in Europe; too attached to these places. Together they go beyond biodynamics, beyond agricultural policies, beyond peasant memory: the vines grow wild without cuttings, among other spontaneous herbs. There is a maniacal search for ancient local varieties that will also be planted in what could be the vineyard with the most slope in Italy, right in the middle of the woods. Obviously they deny all the laws of peasant nature and do so with a naturalness and awareness of those who experience these places with their soul. The cellar is micro so, even if you want, you cannot make any changes to the wines for reasons of space.

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