Le 1er Pont Domaine Recrue De Sens 2019
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Le 1er Pont Domaine Recrue De Sens 2019

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This old vineyard run by Yann Durieux is located in the Hautes Cotes, near the Abbey of Saint-Vivant in Vergy. The vines are cultivated in compliance with the principles of organic and biodynamic farming. The Domaine Recrue de Sens is not pruned, and all the vines are intertwined to create bridges between the vineyards. Yann wants to limit or stop the use of copper, also for this uses herbal preparation and decoctions to treat. Yann Durieux spends a lot of time observing the vineyard, doing research to find the right solutions. This balance and reinforcement of the plant allows Yann Durieux to work more serenely in the cellar.

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Recrue De Sens

Recrue de Sens

Yann Durieux is a young vintner who has started his little domaine since 2010 in one of the most famous areas of Burgundy in the Côte d'Or, in a lesser known area, than in hautes-côtes-de-nuits. The Domaine Recrue de Sens begins its business with the purchase of a vine of just 2.5 hectares, bought by Yann Durieux after his training experiences at Julien Guillot (Domaine du Vigne de Maines) and later by the most famous Domaine Prieure Roch where, for 10 years, has learned to know and respect the three pinot noir, chardonnay and aligot wines, and especially the terroirs from where they come from and which are intimately related. This terroir-vine connection is the key to understanding Burgundy, and indeed in any discussion before the producer always speaks of the place of origin, which is certainly important as the producer interprets as a link between territory and vine. In recent years has contributed to making the Domaine today a holding of 9 hectares, some of the properties, others rented, all but worked in complete natural viticulture and low yields. Yann Durieux chose not to use the Appellation Hautes Cotes de Nuits, a courageous choice made by a huge talent that came into play in the world's most talented wine-growing region. The rising star is now a certain talent.

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