Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine Petit-Roy 2021
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Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine Petit-Roy 2021

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Seichii Saito has found a splendid plot to make the Aligoté wine. The year of planting dates back to 1983, on the lieu-dit Aux Boutières in Savigny-les-Beaune, on clayey-calcareous and marly soils. Viticulture is based on biodynamics, as for all the other vineyards managed by Seichii. The vinification starts with a direct pressing, light decanting, fermentation on indigenous yeasts which lasts 2 months in barrels without adding sulfur. Aging in exhausted wooden barrels for about 9 months, then racked with a minimum adjustment of SO2. No clarification, no filtration.


Petit Roy

Domaine Petit Roy

In recent years many young Japanese winemakers have settled in France with the success we know. Starting with the most sought after such as Kenjiro Kagami (Jura), Mito Inoue (Auvergne), Hirotake Ooka (Saint Joseph) or even the young Rié and Hirofumi Shoji by Pedres Blanques. Also for this reason we immediately dived in search of Seiichi Saito's wines.
Born in China but raised in Japan, Seiichi Saito studied land for years and earned a diploma in pedology. He began to take an interest in the vine and in 2005 he did his first internship in a local estate. He is 22 years old and then decides to leave Japan to deepen his knowledge of wine and is welcomed at the Simon-Bize domaine where he will learn his skills by following a training course at the CFPPA in Beaune. He decides to stay in France and engages in various activities related to wine, not least that of opening the restaurant La Lune in Beaune. But the idea of ​​becoming a winemaker still lingers in his mind.

In 2016 he decides to take the plunge and creates the Petit-Roy estate. With rudimentary equipment, he works his small 1.3-hectare vineyard, all organic. Most of his reds are processed in whole clusters, with the exception of Bourgogne Les Lormes and also the whites are the result of great precision but also a good dose of instinct. No new barrels are used for aging to avoid the wood mark. The wines in general have a good density, a remarkable balance and a very pleasant touch on the palate.

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