Chianti Classico Montesecondo 2020
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Chianti Classico Montesecondo 2020

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Chianti Classico Montesecondo 2020 is composed of 90% Sangiovese with a part of canaiolo and colorino to complete the blend. The grapes are destemmed and pressed, part with whole grain and part with whole cluster, the fermentation takes place in steel and the aging in cement barrels and large wooden barrels for two winters.

Chianti Classico vintage 2019: a divine hand continues to operate in the Chianti Classico area despite climate change poses serious difficulties for world viticulture. After the splendid 2010 and 2013 vintages and a 2016 where to raid everything that is around, 2019 is present at the highest levels ever touched. If we compare the data with the previous 2018 vintage, the most striking fact is that a higher dry extract also corresponds to a higher acidity. Even without making too many tastings it is easy to guess that the wines will be snappy, dumb, dynamic with a perfect ripeness of the fruit. So there is no better year than this to buy as many bottles as possible of the Chianti Classico base, store them in the cellar and think of enjoying them in a few years.

Three Senses

Montesecondo descends into the glass with its blinding brightness. The nose is that of the first-breed Sangiovese, the cherry dominates the fruit, there are notes of tobacco leaves of Chianti in youth, balsamic touches here and there, licorice... a relaxed and self-confident nose. The mouthfeel is impactful, already acidic at the entrance to the mouth, and finally astringent with mineral salts. The territorial strength is really powerful and rigorous, and it always comes back thanks to a consistent masticability and crunchiness. This Chianti will be a dream wine in a few years, you can be sure of it.

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Silvio Messana created Montesecondo. It was not a sudden idea, nor a whim to take off, but a path started from the music and resulted in passion for the culture of wine. His passion for music led him to enroll at the University of Berkeley in Boston. In the United States the journey to wine begins once he moved to New York, where he has the determination to work as a composer of soundtracks and at the same time a wine seller in Manhattan for Michael Skurnik, flanked by leading figures in the wine import market such as Polaner and David Bowler. They are years of growth in all aspects of wine and the good fortune to return to Italy and be able to start thinking about the land owned by the family in San Casciano in Val di Pesa are the last steps before the decision that leads him to return to Italy and devote himself completely to the vineyard and the winery. In 2000 he bottled the first vintage of Montesecondo and in 2003 converted the property to organic. Today Silvio Messana’s company covers about 17 hectares. The soils on which Silvio mainly cultivates Sangiovese then Cabernet Sauvignon and Trebbiano are formed in the area of Cerbaia, at 250 mslm, from clay with sandy strands and presence of galestro, in Vignano instead, at 450 mslm, there is more presence of limestone. The spontaneous vinification of Silvio, often carried out in the open air, is all played in keeping the lively and crisp spirit of Sangiovese, with textures in wines increasingly fresh and delicate, far from what has become the traditional vein of Chianti, to be more authentic. The wines of Silvio tell a story of territory, care and passion for the land, tell his sensitivity and his artistic flair.

San Casciano in Val di Pesa is the northernmost municipality for the production of Chianti Classico, and the closest to Florence. Dotted with olive trees is purely hilly, characterized by clay soils with the presence of sand and limestone. The soil is accompanied by a strong presence of skeleton, both round pebble of river origin that stones of galestro and alberese that can vary in concentration depending on the slope and the altitudes of the vineyards.
The soils, ensuring a good availability of water, protect from the hottest and siccitose vintages that lately turn out to be increasingly frequent in Tuscany. The altitudes are between 250 and 350 meters above sea level. Cool and dry climate has the fortune to have a climate always mild, with winters never too cold and temperatures that even in summer never become excessive.

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