Heaven & Hell Dote Venti20
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Heaven & Hell Dote Venti20

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Viognier harvested on 19/08/2020, spontaneous fermentation in whole clusters in steel, 9 days of maceration on the skins, racked and aged in the same container until bottling, without clarification or filtration, 18/06/2021. No added additives added.

The grapes come from the vineyard planted in the 90s by the famous Federico Staderini. The chosen terrain is surrounded by trees and overlooks the valley, sheltered by the entrance of parasites, where you can breathe clean air. The slopes here have imposed a terracing and the workings are all manual. The hump is great, but the plants know how to repay with an amazing fruit. The reds are part of about 2 ha planted in 2002 with high planting density, 6,700 plants per ha.

Do.t.e. is the personal project of Filippo Calabresi that expresses through wine a spontaneity, a story outside of protocols and disciplinary. The commitments of the project are aimed at healthiness, ethicity, everyday life. Wine as a means to reflect places, activate sensitivity and warm relationships. Following the core lines of the project, the wines are the result of healthy, genuine grapes, grown without the use of chemical shortcuts, as well as in the cellar. Each bottle is a discovery, a path of its own, proud of any differences and unique character. Parallel paths towards a common direction.

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Tenimenti D Alessandro

cellar and vineyards tenimenti d'alessandro

The history of Tenimenti d’Alessandro is closely linked to that of Cortona and its rebirth as a place of excellent wine production. Located in Manzano, in the municipality of Cortona (Arezzo), in south-eastern Tuscany, the property - which today covers about 30 hectares of vineyards, is in Biological Certifcation since 2016 - was purchased in 1967 by the Alessandro family. From the end of the 1980s, here we inaugurate a phase of intense experimentation aimed, above all, at identifying those vines capable of giving the best qualitative results. In 2014, the complex of vineyards and winery was acquired by the Calabresi family who placed the very young and well-trained FIlippo in command. The idea of the wine of this young philosopher is very clear, so much so that Biodynamic practices are drastically applied to all the hectares of property, a choice that will lead to the decision to exit D.O.C. Cortona. Filippo with great tenacity and awareness of the territory in which he finds himself, wants to highlight the character of his wines, building every single detail step by step in vinification.

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