Toscana IGP Soldera® Case Basse® 2018
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Toscana IGP Soldera® Case Basse® 2018

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Soldera Case Basse boasts a truly limited and exclusive production, the result of passionate work, aimed at creating a great wine through completely natural viticulture processes.

The Rosso Toscana PGI Case Basse Soldera comes from the vineyards of only Sangiovese which extend over the approximately 10 hectares of the estate, surrounded by a great variety of plants, animals and insects. The agronomic management has become the foundation of maintaining maximum biodiversity, through a wise and balanced use of science, technology, culture and tradition.

The 2017 vintage proved to be extremely hot and dry during all phases of vegetative-productive development of the vine.
From budding to harvest, the temperature values ​​were always above the average and a lower accumulation of rainfall was recorded compared to the ten-year historical series data.
According to the company's usual practice, and in particular in this vintage, careful agronomic management of the vineyards accompanied by a rigorous selection of the grapes made it possible to obtain a Sangiovese with high quality characteristics and a perfect degree of ripeness.

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Soldera Case Basse

Soldera Case Basse


The history of the Soldera Case Basse winery began in the early 1970s. Gianfranco and Graziella Soldera cultivate the project to produce a natural wine of great quality and they knew that they could achieve it only if they found a terroir with some essential characteristics. Characteristics found in Case Basse: an estate of over 23 hectares, 320 meters above sea level, in the south west of Montalcino. A hilly soil, of volcanic origin, draining and rich in minerals but not very fertile; a dry climate, long sunny. The natural environment that grows and thrives around and among the vines, is crucial to ensure the quality of Soldera wine. In order to safeguard the Case Basse ecosystem, care is taken for the ancient olive trees for the eight-hectare forest, in which majestic secular oaks stand out. And thanks to the passion , the dedication and care that Gianfranco and Graziella have dedicated to those lands if, starting from the mid-70s, Case Basse is produced a natural wine of the highest quality, appreciated throughout the world.

From the point of view of production, the Soldera philosophy implies a completely natural approach to viticulture. At Case Basse no herbicides or other chemicals are used, the soil is fertilized exclusively with organic substances and the rows are processed by hand. Grapes are exclusively used in the vineyards -100% Sangiovese. The extension of the vines is reduced (10 hectares in all), to ensure that the processing of the plants can be done by hand and that the harvest is also manual , ends in a short time. The grapes, whose ripeness is carefully evaluated thanks to the collaboration with research institutes, are selected first in the vineyard and then again in the cellar, so that only the healthy and ripe one is destemmed, keeping the grapes whole. A final scrupulous selection concerns the grapes, passed one by one to verify their integrity and maturation. This production method is necessary for the cultivation of grapes, which in the harvest gives rise to a very low annual yield of extraordinary quality. The vinification is natural: it takes place in large Slavonian oak vats, thanks to autochthonous microorganisms, spontaneous and without the use of artificial yeasts. The complex processes of nature are followed by comparing the experience that derives from the observation of decades, to daily analyses of the must in vinification carried out by the research. At Case Basse the cellar is located 14 meters underground, and was built using only natural materials, avoiding the concrete


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