La Capitulation ne Paie Pas Le Temps des Cerices
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La Capitulation ne Paie Pas Le Temps des Cerices

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La Chapitulation ne Pais pas di Axel Prufer è un'etichetta must, quella che più è il veicolo per far conoscere questo grande produttore. Per la qualità espressa Axel ha sempre venduto la sua etichetta più provocatoria di Brutal nel giro di una settimana. La Capitolazione ne Paie Pas è il frutto del primo passaggio in vendemmia della vigna di Cinsault.

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Le Temps Des Cerices

Le Temps De Cerices

Axel Prüfer was born and raised in East Germany, but moved to France as a young man to pursue a career in wine production. It produces delicious natural wines with as little intervention as possible - many of its wines have no added sulfur.
Visiting it in the mountains behind Beziers one is fascinated by the dedication with which he deals with the health of his grapes and the purity of his wines. Every sentence he utters is the result of a deep thought. The vineyard is a picture of health with cobwebs everywhere and an extraordinary biodiversity on display.

Axel uses only natural yeast to ferment his wines and does not add sulfur to all This gives them a liveliness that is more attractive.

It uses stainless steel or fiberglass tanks, old barrels that do not give any oak flavor. The tanks have floating lids so that no air can reach the wine if it does not have enough to fill a tank.

Only one obstacle presents itself: the productions are really limited and the wines almost never available.

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