Masseto Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 2017
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Masseto Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 2017

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At Masseto, we try to limit our action on wine as much as possible. The goal is simple: to capture the spirit of nature and bring it to its highest levels. Everything revolves around an extraordinary, very demanding vineyard and a son of the utmost simplicity. We have tanks, barrels, a gravity vinification system. And people who love to take care of this wine. That's all. It is our philosophy.

Above, around and below. The sea. Without it Masseto could not exist.

During the summer, its rippled surface reflects like a mirror, doubling the sunlight. The refracted, pure, intense and indirect sunlight feeds the vines and softens the tannins making them voluptuous, subtly nuanced, simply perfect.

As the light rests on the vineyard, the sea generates another element. A light wind breeze, full of humidity, creeps between the vines and the bunches of grapes. Fresh air mitigates the ripening process, extends the delicate evolution of sustained and balanced acidity, refreshes the fruit in the driest months and makes it drier in the wettest months.

In the subsoil there is a third element brought by the sea. The roots of the vineyard find their way into a layer of blue clay, dating back millions of years. In what was once a seabed, today there are traces, minerals and fossils, of a past life. With a heart as hard as stone, but with an intriguing fragility, clay knows exactly how to adapt to the surrounding environment and climate.

The winery is in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding hills and vineyard. On the surface, only the reception area of ​​the grapes and the old house in Masseto can be seen. The grapes are selected by hand and carefully transferred to the concrete fermentation tanks below. They are 65 hectoliters tanks that stand out for their antithetical appearance. Faceted on the outside, they have a tulip-shaped interior, which guarantees a particularly delicate extraction. Still below, two barriques, for the first and second year of stay in wood, and an experimental barrique cellar expand the possibilities of micro-vinification and maturation, making it easier to satisfy the specific needs of each vintage and plot.


2017 will be remembered as one of the hottest and driest years in recent history. Due to an unusually mild winter, with temperatures 3 ° C above average, budding took place two weeks early. With the exception of a brief period of cold weather in late April, the entire growing season was dominated by a hot and dry climate, which led to less crown development. Flowering and fruit set took place in good conditions, but the lack of water limited the size of the bunches and berries. The months of July and August were hot and almost rainless, but fortunately characterized by sufficiently cool nights to allow the vines to recover from the heat and continue to ripen the fruits constantly, maintaining excellent levels of acidity in the grapes.

The harvest started early and was the fastest ever, with only three days of harvest between 24 and 30 August. Given the particular conditions, the grapes were harvested by age of the vine instead of by single parcel, thus producing only four different batches.

Three Senses

Opening a bottle is like unleashing a liquid kaleidoscope. A rare combination of sumptuous opulence and refined elegance.
Masseto 2017 is certainly the son of its vintage, which managed to enclose all the maturity and concentration of a particularly sunny and dry season.
The color is almost black, the nose reveals a rich and mature expression of black fruits, with spicy and licorice notes. On the palate, the wine manages to combine a great intensity and ripeness of the fruits with a remarkable sense of balance and freshness. The tannins create a dense and velvety structure, with a persistent fruity finish and vibrant acidity that give a touch of freshness. Despite being the result of one of the hottest vintages, 2017 can be considered a typical Masseto, with its unmistakable combination of richness and elegance.

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Tenuta Dell'Ornellaia

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Half-hidden at the foot of the hills near Bolgheri, Ornellaia is just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. In the summer months, the fresh sea breeze it caresses the vineyards and the nearby olive groves, while during the winter the hills protect against the cold winds of the north.

Ornellaia believes that a wine should be the most authentic expression of the terroir from which it comes and, right here, united to the maritime climate, the heterogeneous nature of the land of the estate - of marine origin, alluvial and volcanic - creates a distinctive environment where red and white varieties can best express themselves.

The grapes of each cru ferment separately, since each base wine contributes to the creation of the final blend, by virtue of the specific conditions of the vineyard of provenance: combination of soil, climate exposure and of course the type of vine. Only after a year of aging in cask the base wines are assembled respecting the two main criteria: the expression of elegance inherent in the spirit of Ornellaia.

The endless vineyard parcels are also inserted in this uncontaminated landscape as tesserae of a large mosaic, creating a work of extraordinary beauty, complexity and elegance in a truly unique place. Experience, competence and determination have played their part in the enhancement of quality and quality reputation of Ornellaia, but it is the estate itself to be a continuous source of inspiration, suggesting always new and exclusive ways of capturing its great generosity.

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