Genziana Ngricca
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Genziana Ngricca

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"A bee pollinated the wine and my root. Then it gave me its honey and I was Amber."

A color linked to the symbolic stone of Piceno for the Genziana delle Marche entirely produced in the Piceno area. As per tradition, the infusion of roots in pecorino wine, which finds its cradle of origin here, lasts 42 days. Then added certified organic alcohol distilled in the house 'Peppe' still, with whole roots of gentian lutea and other botanicals grown or harvested directly. The delicate and almost imperceptible softness is given by the wildflower honey of own production, because the Gentian must remain mainly bitter. Ambra is an excellent digestive after a meal, thanks to the botanicals used, including Genziana Lutea.



NGRICCA is the name that the villagers have given to the family since the first half of the 19th century. In the past, in sharecropping with the Church, the family produces wine and spirits with a strong bond with the Piceno area. The gem of the family is certainly the great passion for the land and its fruits. The extraordinary pleasantness of the spirits begins already from the wonderful botanical garden, cultivated with care. The others, the wild ones, are selected and collected personally by the Parco della Laga, selecting the sites for yield and fragrance.

"Everything starts from the land from which we let ourselves be inspired, to tell you our story in the Piceno area."

Ngricca is an artisanal distillery that grows herbs, seeds, flowers and everything that is offered to it by nature to feel an emotion and to relive our most beautiful moments. The Piceno territory is the place where this journey begins, to return to be in relationship with our countryside, with our traditions and with our most intimate sensations. The genuine and decisive character with which Ngricca presents itself comes from the use of products that were grown and processed by our great-grandparents, authors and custodians of our knowledge, which has come to us through their recipes. Ngricca in a drop collects the essence of what we are, of what we feel and gives strength to our spirit with a simple sip. Ngricca tells a story.

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