Bourgogne Rouge Les Crays Clos des Vignes du Maynes 2020
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Bourgogne Rouge Les Crays Clos des Vignes du Maynes 2020

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The subsoil is a Middle Jurassic Bathonian limestone, the same as that found throughout Burgundy. The difference in this clos is the presence of pearly limestone slabs with beautiful crystals inside: calcite-aragonite. The thin layer of soil (5 to 50 cm) is clay-limestone. The colluvial deposits of clayey loam covering a layer of calcareous and siliceous loam give the wines all their minerality.

Pruning is simple Guyot and Guyot Poussard with a yield of 20 hl/ha, organically grown since 1954 and biodynamically grown since 1998.

After manual harvesting with sorting on the vine and on the table when necessary, the semi-carbonic whole cluster fermentation is started with cold pre-fermentation. Natural yeasts, no SO2, no sugaring, no enzymes, just joy and a festive spirit.

Maturation takes place in barrels, without racking, assembled in a large tank 40 days before bottling. Bottled with nitrogen, without filtration, in September.

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Domaine des Vignes du Maynes

Domaine des Vignes du Maynes

The Clos des Vignes du Maynes has existed since 910, when it was registered by the monks of the Abbey of Cluny. Long owned by the Lords of the Château de Cruzille, the Domaine belonged to five generations of farmers before being repurchased in 1952 by Pierre and Jeanne Guillot. It is now his nephew Julien Guillot who manages this seven-hectare estate, whose vines have never known chemistry and have always been cultivated with the utmost respect for the land.
Since the 1950s, his grandfather had decided to sign wines starting from organic farming, without chemicals, without herbicides, insecticides and without sulfur. His father, Alain, then led the Domaine with the same philosophy. For the record, Alain Guillot was an external technician at the Beaujeu school along with Susanne Michon, Xavier Florin, Pierre Rabhi, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon. He was therefore very involved in the legislative aspect of organic farming and, as President of the National Federation of Organic Agriculture (FNAB), asked for the signature of the Minister of Agriculture Philippe Vasseur for the recognition of the AB logo and related regulations.

Biodynamics has become the cornerstone of the work of the Doamine Clos des Vignes du Maynes. The first operations were introduced in 1988, with the arrival of Julien. The manual harvests are carried out in small boxes, with a strict selection, in order not to ruin the berries.

«To produce wine in the most natural way possible» this is the motto of Julien, who invests his days in the search to highlight the consistency of the juice, the silkiness and its salty finish. To create stable live wines, the vinifications are made naturally: indigenous yeasts, absence of sulfur, enzymes and chemical inputs. The wooden tubs are preliminarily washed and brushed with marc de Bourgogne to awaken the bacterial flora. A semi-carbonic maceration is then carried out for the reds, according to a method now acquired by the three successive generations and which triggers very long fermentations. The reds are aged in non-new barrels before being generally bottled the following year without filtration. The vinification of the whites refers to the pure Burgundian tradition: very long fermentations and a prolonged refinement before bottling, completed by a homeopathic dose of sulfur.

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