Chapelle-Chambertin Grand Cru Cecile Tremblay 2020
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Chapelle-Chambertin Grand Cru Cecile Tremblay 2020

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Chapelle-Chambertin is one of the most mentioned and sought after Grand Cru of Gevrey Chambertin. Cecile Tremblay owns a parcel in the lieu-dit of Les Geneaux, spanning just 0.36 ha, just slightly larger than her property in Echezeaux.

The vineyard coincides precisely with the part owned by Rossignol Trapet, and like all Cecile properties this too comes from the vineyards owned by Edouard Jayer, uncle of Henry Jayer. The style of Chapelle-Chambertin associated with the perfect hand of Cecile gives a wine of eternal elegance and finesse.

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Cecile Tremblay

Cecile Tremblay

Pure, refined and elegant, are just a few adjectives to describe the wines of Cecile Tremblay. Consecrated in a few harvest in the elite of Borgogna producers and even baptized as the heir of Madame Leroy by Michel Bettane, Cecile is a humble girl with an energetic and dynamic approach to wine. She has been operating around 4 hectares between Nuits Saint Georges and Vosne Romanèe for 10 years under organic regime. Cecile, the granddaughter of Edouard Jayer, has a good sense in the processing of the vineyard;She Works the ground with the horse whenever possible, she uses seaweed and herbal preparations to enhance the action of copper, She uses the whole bunch to obtain her wine and the new wood is dosed elegantly. The result is a precision, backed by an intense but definite volume.

In 2003, Cécile Tremblay decided to take over the management of family-owned vineyards, inherited by his great-grandfather Edouard Jayer but who for a long time had been leased to other producers. Over the next few years, more plots will be added, including one in Clos Vougeot, at the expiry of other rental contracts.
The vineyards were not initially in good condition so Cécile decided to adopt an organic management, keeping a look at the biodynamic approach, in the conviction that only giving new vitality to the land could have produced wines up to the best Borgonian traditions .
In the cellar, great care and attention is also given to winemaking, also due to the large number of different cuvée (11 denominations between Nuits St. Georges, Vosne Romanée, Chambolle Musigny, Morey St. Denis and Gevrey-Chambertin). Depending on the vineyards and depending on their characteristics, part of the vinification is carried out whole grape.
Its wines are precise, pure, of high quality, combining elegance and finesse with structure and complexity. The classic style, respectful of local traditions, but attentive to the latest techniques and knowledge, Cécile advises to delay its opening a few years, but in some cases does not exclude immediate drinkability.

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