Champagne Brut Nature L'Arpente Rouge Delouvin Nowack
Champagne Brut Nature L'Arpente Rouge Delouvin Nowack
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Champagne Brut Nature L'Arpente Rouge Delouvin Nowack

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Delouvin Nowack delights us with a Chardonnay from lieu-dit l'Arpent Rouge, halfway up the hill. Facing south-south/east, this vineyard rests on soil located in the period called Ypresien, which was formed between 56 million and 48 million years ago. A poor and complex soil that manages to give the right character to this vineyard in a terroir sensitive to frost.  The vineyard is managed without the use of herbicides, insecticides and chemical compounds. Fermentation and aging in barrique, "nature" degorgement without the addition of sulfur dioxide or liqueur.

Delouvin Nowack

Delouvin Nowack

Geoffrey Delouvin, wine studies in Alsace and solid apprenticeship in cellars all over the world (including New Zealand and Australia), has taken over the reins of the family business for just over two years. Step by step he succeeded in the difficult intent to combine the traditional style of the family Champagne with his desire for renewal; he too was involved in that "ferment of ideas" which, under trace, animates the new generation of Vignerons in the area. The numbers of the company: seven hectares under active conditions, largely (over 80%) planted in Pinot Meunier, all in the municipality of Vandieres, unofficially considered the "Village Grand Cru" of this grape variety. In fact, it is no coincidence that all the most famous Champagne Maisons every year seek and buy Pinot Meunier on Vandieres to compose their excellent cuvées.
The reason is simple; only in these lands does the grape take on sapid and mineral implications in place of the simplicity of fruit found in most of the municipalities of the Vallée de la Marne. Geoffrey produces about 40,000 bottles a year, distributed between "classic line" and "modern interpretations", daughters of the inspiration and skills of this young "child prodigy" of Champagne. Obviously, the protagonist of the range is Pinot Meunier, often as a mono-cépage for grape variety readings that range from "cheeky" (but not without depth and finesse) to "innovative" solutions (see a Pinot Meunier not dosed with a long pause on the lees) .Which common basis is a painstaking work in the vineyard to raise the quality bar of the grapes processed on their own.

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