Saumur Les Pouches Rouge La Porte Saint Jean 2020
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Saumur Les Pouches Rouge La Porte Saint Jean 2020

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Les Pouches Rouge is a red Saumur from Cabernet Franc in purity. The parcel is owned, just 1 km from the winery, and boasts 70-year-old vines for half and a younger plant, about 20 years old. The soil is from the Jurassic period composed of sand and clay. The wine is the perfect balance between the young thrust and the poise of the older vines, vinified without stalks between conical vats of wood and concrete. No pumping over is done and Sylvaine Dittiere speaks more of infusion than maceration. Refine for 24 months in new and 1st-2nd-3rd passage barriques.

Cabernet Franc is the cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon which ripens earlier and is less subject to climatic whims. It is particularly at home in the Anjou-Touraine of the Loire and on the right bank of the Gironde from which the iconic Saint-Emilion originates. In the Loire it is the most widespread and emblematic reds are the Chinon and Saumur that derive from it. The small area of ​​Saumur-Champigny gives us the best Cabernet Francs in the world.

La Porte Saint Jean

La Porte Saint jean

Sylvain Dittiere is a young boy who has gained his experience in wineries of the caliber of Gauby, Thierry Germain, Chateau Yvonne and finally the Domaine of the Focault Brothers, Clos Rougeard. After numerous researches in 2011 he found in Montreuil Bellay a cellar carved into the rock perfect for his idea of wine: long refinements to enhance the terroir in wines. The first releases are immediately explosive, the long refinement and a balance to be scary, show an exciting hand of the young winemaker who at the beginning buys grapes, waiting for their first plants to be ready. A true talent that vinifies chenin blanc and cabernet sauvignon in the most natural way possible.

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