Whisky Sole Puni
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Whisky Sole Puni
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Whisky Sole Puni

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Perfect example of the finish technique, Puni Sole ages for 2 years in ex-bourbon and for 2 years in ex-sherry Pedro Ximenez. The production of Pedro Ximenez sherry involves the drying of the grapes in the sun and maturation with the solera system. Once emptied, the barrels are the ideal container for whiskey to absorb the scents that the wine leaves behind, imprinted in the wooden matrix.

Three Senses
The nose remains fresh, playing between sweet notes, and citrus notes, with increasingly clear calls for depth. On the sip it is easy to return to memories of honeyed nuts, orange juice and ripe melon. Well balanced is the wood spice, recognizable but well integrated into the fruit. Both satisfying and intriguing.

Puni Distillery

Puny Distillery

It is February 24th 2012, 4.30 pm when Puni starts the first distillation. Puni is the first Italian distillery, born in Glorenza, in the uncontaminated and breathtaking landscape of the Val Venosta, from the idea of ​​the Ebensperger family.

The pure mountain water and the climate of South Tyrol make it the privileged place for the production of a superior whiskey, we are in the Italian Highlands.

As per the Scottish tradition, the name of the distillery comes from a stream that flows nearby. The building that houses it is a beautiful example of architecture that forms a 13-meter cube of staggered bricks, like the traditional windows of the old barns. The heart of the distillery is given by the stills, tall and thin, made by the Scottish company Forsyths according to the Pot Still method in two phases in series on two distinct stills.

Particular is the choice of heating, not with steam, but with superheated water, which allows a more accurate control of the temperature.

The climate of Alto Adige then favors aging in cask, faster than in the cold regions of Scotland, reaching complexity and harmony in just a few years. The range includes whiskeys aged in ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, ex-peated, virgin oak and others, such as the beloved Marsala. The aging in cask gives the distillate more elegance and depth, losing part of the alcohol content and extracting the aromas from the wood, and from what it previously contained.

Sometimes the result of a blend of various barrels, sometimes the same liquid passes from one barrel to another, for a different wood finish.

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