Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo Ciavolich 2023
Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo Ciavolich 2023
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Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo Ciavolich 2023

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Once the Cerasuolo was the visiting card of the Abruzzesi wineries to show the skill in the grape harvest. Cherry is delicate to obtain, too long or too short a maceration can turn on unwanted color and scents. The art of winemaking is expressed at high levels.

From the younger rows, planted in 2011 in the Abruzzo pergola, the grapes are left in contact with the skins for about 8 hours, and then vinified in white. All stainless steel and controlled temperatures.



The Ciavolich family is an ancient family of Bulgarian origin that fled to Italy in 1560. In the mid-nineteenth century the first winery was established in Miglianico, which today Chiara Ciavolich has completely recovered and renovated with great determination and care. The Ciavolichs settle in Loreto Aprutino after the war, with a plot of land of about 50 ha. In 2004 an earthquake enters the cellar with the name of Chiara Ciavolich. Immediately it focuses exclusively on the Loreto Aprutino territories, applying an Integrated Agriculture, of artisanal productions both aimed at contemporary production, but also with a challenge of enhancing the territory enclosed under the Fosso Cancelli labels, referring to the district where the vineyards are located. , with traditional methods. This line intersects perfectly in Chiara's culture, who wants to photograph an era and a character of wine production. Her will is to give value, through wine, to her own history and territory, to her art and her culture.

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