La Decouvert Soil Therapy 2020
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La Decouvert Soil Therapy 2020

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The idea behind this project is to explore the refined and gastronomic "universe" of the PetNats, marked in this case by a great terroir.
We did not want to follow a trend, nor necessarily to be avant-garde, but simply to combine the personal approach of two winemakers and an artist (all three installed on Colmar) towards this type of wine.

At the helm of this trio Denis Hebinger (Famille Hebinger), owner of unique terroirs in Alsace, offering an ideal playground to give birth to a PetNat with a singular style. The grapes were selected from two clayey-limestone territories, Eguisheim and Wettolsheim, old plots that give the wines a radically different character.

The Gewurztraminer comes from the Pfersigberg grand cru, is macerated for two weeks in whole clusters and consists of 50% of the blend. Pinot Gris comes from the Hengst grand cru and is used in direct pressing.
Fermentation is spontaneous for both vines, which are assembled three weeks after the harvest and racked a couple of times to refine the structure before being bottled to complete fermentation. The whole production process is in the hands of Soil Therapy, a micronegoce. The creativity of the label belongs to the third Alsatian, the artist Lucas Pfeiffer.

Three Senses

La Decouverte is a petillant naturel with no residue inside the bottle. In fact, it is drawn off perfectly clear, to guarantee the consumer to drink the whole bottle. This second fermentation in the bottle expresses two distinct enological approaches united in the same wine, which mark the features of the characteristics of the two territories from which the grapes come. It is a "guaranteed" wine that allows you to bring complexity and confidence to the table with a crunchy and decisive sip. Decouverte Soil Therapy also opens up a range of food and wine accords. Leave room for your cooking skills, the wine will support you.

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