Trousseau Le Garde Corps Domaine Bornard 2018
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Trousseau Le Garde Corps Domaine Bornard 2018

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The most striking red grape of the Jura comes from Philippe and Tony Bornard from an old vineyard, located on the famous gray marls of the Jura. The famous hand of the Bornards manages to capture all the mineral parts, thus creating an absolute "Vin now de Garde", as an indicator on the label. The Trousseau Bornard is vinified in vats with regular punching down, then aged in éclair for about 15 months.


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Domaine Bornard

Domaine Bornard

In Pupillin, right next to Pierre Overnoy's humble, yet famous cellar is Domaine Bornard.

The Domaine began with Philippe Bornard but, as of 2017, it is his son Tony who takes the reins of the winery.

Tony travelled to France, the United States and Australia before returning to Jura in 2011 and starting up the Domaine.

Domaine Bornard now has 11 hectares, all distributed around the commune of Arbois. The grapes cultivated are the more classic Jura ones, but a very rare native variety called 'Melon à queue-rouge' is also grown.

In the various rows, soils composed of grey, red and blue marl and schist alternate. The grapes have been certified organic since 2005 and Ecocert since 2013. Tony chooses new cultivation methods. Tillage and the use of plant protection chemical products have been reduced. Herbal teas, decoctions, plant macerations for soil treatment are produced on site.

"Still at Pupillin, we want to perpetuate the family winegrowing tradition that goes back many generations before us".

On the long-standing question about the various management changes, Tony issued this statement where he clearly and unequivocally explains the true history of the Domaine:

"I travelled around France, the United States and Australia before coming back to the Jura in 2011. Since then, I've taken a lot of training courses to understand the soil and improve my knowledge of agronomy. I took over the vinification of the estate's wines and became my father's employee. I set up my own parallel estate in 2013 with my own vines and took over all the land in 2017.
As of that date, there is only one estate and my father no longer works there; he is completely outside the BORNARD estate. Following his retirement, I was able to choose my own growing methods. I've kept the famous red fox as the Domaine's totem. Today, the Domaine Bornard covers 11 hectares and includes all five Jura grape varieties, as well as Melon à queue-rouge, a rare but wonderful ancestor of Chardonnay.
I've radically changed my farming methods, cutting back on tillage and the use of plant protection products, stopped trimming and eliminated all inputs into the wine. I produce my herbal teas, decoctions, macerations and fermentations on the estate to enhance soil life, plant defences and growth.
Domaine BORNARD has just moved into a new winery. It has therefore moved. This new winery has been designed to take a dynamic approach to wine and vines, using environmentally-friendly materials based on the model of a traditional Comtoise farm. We're more than excited about this new beginning, this new page in our history. Still in Pupillin, we'll be keen to carry on the family winemaking tradition that goes back so many generations before us."

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