Vermut Gnout Bianco Tenuta San Marcello
Vermut Gnout Bianco Tenuta San Marcello

Vermut Gnout Bianco Tenuta San Marcello

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Made from the decanting pulp of verdicchio left to infuse with aromatic herbs and spices for about 20 days. A part of the botanicals comes directly from the property. After the infusion it stops 2 years in glass demijohns and when ready it is cut with a wine made from raisin grapes to reach 16% alcohol.

Three Senses

The intense and caressing scents bring back to the childhood of a Mediterranean scrub, with fennel anise, thyme, myrtle, gentian ... a true olfactory kaleidoscope. In the mouth it is full-bodied, tending to soft and conquers for the intensity of the volume. In the long finish, slightly tannic, the flavor and minerality of the background are clearer, with an excellent persistence.

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Tenuta San Marcello

Tenuta San Marcello

Tenuta San Marcello is a young reality of Le Marche Region, already appreciated for the quality of its wines. Born as a farm and dedicated to the production of local

wines to ensure a 360 ° experience and to bring to the table the territory of San Marcello. Located in the area of two of the most characteristic and valuable D.O.C.,

the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and the Lacrima di Morro d'Alba Superiore, it carries out a work of valorization whose fruits are already visible in the glass.

In the vineyard the work is done in full respect of the territory, eco-sustainability and local traditions, with the help of qualified professionals. The cuttings were

planted in 2008 on 4 hectares adjacent to the estate. The soil is clayey limestone, about 220m above sea level and not far from the beach of Senigallia. Sometimes the

sea breeze can be felt up in the vineyard with its slight salinity. Two vines, Lacrima and Verdicchio, to give life to 4 labels vinified in purity. No herbicides and

chemical fertilizers, with the aim of integrated biodynamics.

The grapes are harvested by hand and pressed within one hour of harvesting, to minimize the sulfur used. In the cellar then the must is processed in the absence of

oxygen to enhance the varietal aromas. The temperature is controlled with a modern geothermal system powered by 100% renewable sources.

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