Verdicchio di Matelica m Gàjole 2022
Verdicchio di Matelica m Gàjole 2022
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Verdicchio di Matelica m Gàjole 2022

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Verdicchio di Matelica "m" is the result of a blend of Verdicchio grapes carefully selected from four parcels in the area of Gàjole (MC). An excellent phytosanitary state of the grapes is essential for the success of the subsequent vinification. In fact, after destemming and a very gentle pressing, the mass undergoes a process of hyperoxidation, it is treated with a massive amount of oxygen, and because of this, if the grapes are not perfect, they could develop abnormal hints and organoleptic deviations. A fairly slow, temperature-controlled fermentation follows.

For subsequent aging, the 85% of the mass rests in cement (as tradition dictates in the production of Verdicchio di Matelica) while the remaining 15% rests in acacia tonneau and Hungarian oak barriques.

Three Senses

In this Verdicchio there are all typical and characteristic features of the Matelica area, which, given its proximity to the Sibillini Mountains, has a continental climate. This aspect, together with the composition of soils, makes the wine full-bodied and with a rather pronounced acidity. In Verdicchio "m" this acidity is pleasant and not excessive, in balance with the savory and fresh part. The scents are the more classic ones reminiscent mainly of ripe fruit and almonds. The aging in wood gives softness to the wine, while manifesting very delicate hints.

Gajole Az Ag di Nicolò Zagaglia - Matelica

gàjole cantina

The son of a great wine lover who passed on his passion for the world of oenology, Nicolò Zagaglia attended the faculty of Enology in Ancona. After several work experiences in the Marche region and an extremely formative grape harvest in New Zealand, the young winemaker decides to return to his hometown to start his own business. His goal is to establish himself in an sector that he describes as difficult but that encourages him to grow more and more.

The land is in Gàjole, near Castelraimondo (MC). He selects his grapes from 4 vineyards that he follows assiduously throughout the year, monitoring their health status and controlling the growth and ripening of the grapes. These are then selected from the various plots and subsequently harvested in 15kg boxes.

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