Soki Soki Tanca Nica 2023
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Soki Soki Tanca Nica 2023
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Soki Soki Tanca Nica 2023

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Soki Soki is the name that is attributed to a particular land on the island and which also characterizes some plots of Francesco Ferreri. Protected by the Montagna Grande, this vineyard rests on a sandy ground made of pumice (lava rock) and lapilli (fragments expelled by a volcanic eruption). The soki soki sound is onomatopoeic with the sound of footsteps along the pavement. The plots were vinified separately undergoing different lengths of maceration - from one night to a week - based on the ripeness and aromas of the skins. Low yields in 2020 brought focus, intensity and balance. Aged on fine lees in wooden and stainless steel barrels, and bottled with the addition of 15% of 'perpetual reserve' started in 2017.

Tanca Nica - Kaffefi S.r.l. -Pantelleria

Tanca Nica PantelleriaTanca Nica Pantelleria

Tanca Nica was born thanks to Nicoletta Pecorelli, originally from Sardinia, and Francesco Ferreri, born and raised in Pantelleria. Francesco had the woodworm of wine from an early age, inspired by his grandfather and supporting him while he was making his grapes. Francesco already knew he wanted to be a winemaker at 14, and he left Pantelleria for Conegliano (Veneto) to study at the renowned agricultural and oenological boarding school. After years of research and work in wineries and oenology labs, he landed a job at the Seresin biodynamic estate in New Zealand. And it is there, on the other side of the world, that she felt the call of his roots. The magnetic force of Pantelleria brought him back to his grandfather's vineyards in 2016. Francesco returned with a mission: to revive old customs, safeguarding devalued and lost traditions and savoir-faire. Nicoletta and Francesco currently produce 3 hectares divided into 10 plots on 6 districts. One hectare is owned by Francesco's family, while the other two are rented by locals. The grapes used are Zibibbo and Pignatello.

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