Malvasia Skerlj 2020
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Malvasia Skerlj 2020

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Malvasia Istriana, also known as Malvasia del Carso, is grown in this wine-producing area of ​​Europe. It is a variety of this vine which differs completely from the others and which in these soils is beneficial to show all its characteristics: less aromatic, more intense the fruity aroma and at the same time a drier taste, tendentially more acidic and with a more golden color than the other versions. Matej tries to extract all these characteristics from his scarce 2000 bottles, macerating and fermenting in barrels and aging in barrels for 24 months. No filtration and stabilization, everything happens spontaneously without temperature control in the cellar dug into the rock which guarantees humidity and a fresh temperature.

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Skerlj - Sgonico


Among 80-year-old plots and more recent sapling and high-density plantings (10,000 plants with yields of around 40 quintals/ha), the Skerlj winery lives, thus completing the agritourism offer of this young family in the Italian Karst. It is the unique land of this area that plays with elegance, minerality and acidity, giving unique characteristics to the wines of this area. 30-40 cm of red earth, rich in iron, characterize the vineyards located on a plateau of rock only 250 m above the sea, swept by the Bora that blows from the east and by sea breezes. This hard land requires great work, which is done exclusively by hand by Matej, the soul of this company supported by his sister Kristina. Their hope is to obtain wines that are as territorial and seasonal as possible, fermented in open vats with maceration on the skins for a few weeks and aged in oak barrels in the cellar dug into the stone, without any manipulation (no filtration, no stabilization, no clarification)

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