Fusilli 500g La Distesa

Fusilli 500g La Distesa

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"...we have never produced only wine and have always continued to maintain olive groves and to cultivate arable land despite the fact that the prices of oil, wheat, barley and spelt are on the markets very often below the cost of production. To be truly farmers for us means understanding the production of agricultural goods not as an end but as a means: the means that allows us to maintain islands of biodiversity and virtuous agroecological systems..."

Fusilli Rustici made from whole-wheat semola of organic durum wheat from an evolutionary population reproduced on the farm, grown in Contrada San Michele in Cupramontana (AN). The semola is naturally stone milled and bronze drawn. slow, low drying is then provided.

A flavorful pasta that binds perfectly with traditional Marche sauces.
No fertilizer or irrigation is used.

*Package contents: 500gr
May contain traces of eggs, shellfish and soybeans

La Distesa

La Distesa

La Distesa comes from the desire to produce wines that respect the territory and the vines. Wines that are not approved to the dominant international taste that requires a built ease and a pleasantness. "To be winemakers for us means first of all telling the territory, with its thousand complexities, and following the seasons, with their always different evolutions. This is why we have chosen a method of organic cultivation, so as to express without distortion what the earth brings with it, naturally. Being winemakers means then directly following the whole production process, from the land to the consumer. For years we have been working in the vineyards trying to safeguard and let biodiversity be expressed as much as possible, sowing favino, vetch, pea, alfalfa and letting the spontaneous essences prosper. We do not fertilize, we treat only with sulfur and small doses of copper.

Once or twice a year we spray the biodynamic preparation 500 (cornoletame). The low yields per vine, the careful selection of the grapes during harvesting - performed manually, in small crates - the spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, the low levels of sulfur dioxide, the careful refinements are fundamental parts of our work."

In the winery located in the sunny district of San Michele di Cupramontana, the city of Verdicchio, the grapes are vinified to obtain a limited production of bottles for high catering, wine bars, wine shop.

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