Wine Tasting \"Minerality\" with Samuel Cogliati

Wine Tasting \"Minerality\" with Samuel Cogliati

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Possibilia Editore and Galli Enoteca present:



In search of the philosopher's stone



How is minerality defined, what is its origin, and how is it grasped, gustatively, in a wine?



From 8 pm to 11 pm 

Pescheria Foro Annonario Senigallia


In tasting:

12 fine wines, including prestigious appellations and old vintages, chosen by Samuel Cogliati Gorlier and Guido Galli (Galli Enoteca Senigallia) specifically to enhance the topic at hand and to understand what minerality is in wine. A tricky "reflection hurdle" led by Samuel Cogliati Gorlier, writer, editor and independent popularizer.

Wines will be served strictly blind to preserve independence of judgment and enhance the pleasure of tasting!


From rock to glass

How is minerality defined, what is its origin and how is it grasped, gustatively, in a wine?


Just fashionable rhetoric, lexical byzantinism, or also a set of concrete data to be considered, if not as a point of arrival, at least as a basis for a circumstantial reflection on the concept?

There are wine types and appellations of origin that - rightly or wrongly - are commonly reputed for the minerality of their nectars. Is this a reality? Is it a prerogative of certain territories or certain grape varieties? Or on the contrary, does the concept and idea itself deserve to be questioned? Thanks to the contribution of technical considerations of scholars who have been thinking about this issue for a long time, and blind tasting, we will try to venture into this complex topic.


The speaker

Samuel Cogliati Gorlier (Lyon, 1976), French-Italian, is a publisher, writer, journalist and independent popularizer in the world of wine. He is the founder of Possibilia Editore and a member of the editorial and tasting committee of the French periodical LeRouge&LeBlanc.

He collaborates as a freelancer with various publications, and has been one of the signatures of the publications Porthos, Il Turismo Culturale,, Giudizio Universale, and La Cucina Italiana.

He is the author, translator and editor of numerous books devoted to wine, notably French wine.

He has also been involved in popularization in the field of food and wine since 2003.


Everything will take place in the charming and fascinating setting of Pescheria of Senigallia, in Foro Annonario square.


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