Albahra Envinate 2021
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Albahra Envinate 2021

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Albahra, meaning "Little Sea", is a wine-growing area located in the Almansa region, near the city of Albacete, in the southeastern part of Castilla-León.
The soils of this wine growing area are mainly chalky (limestone) with inserts of clays and sands.

Albahra is a red wine made from 70% Garnacha Tintorera grapes (also known as Alicante Bouschet) and the remaining 30% is made from Moravia Agria grapes from a sandier soil in neighbouring Manchuela. The Moravia Agria grape is characterised by high acidity and low alcohol.

The fermentation of this wine takes place in large 80-hectolitre cement vats in which the skins and some of the stalks are left.
Refinement is carried out in cement for the Garnacha Tintorera, while the Moravia Agria is aged in small neutral wood.

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Envinate - Tenerife


Envinate are 4 heads and 8 hands, those of Laura Ramos, Roberto Santana, Alfonso Torrente and José Martinez. But they are also 3 distinct projects that arise in as many incredible and dreamlike Spanish viticultural archaeo-sites of exceptional charm and suggestion: the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the Amandi sub-region of the Ribeira Sacra in Galicia and the Almansa-Manchuela area in the extreme southeast of Castilla-León.
Each of these gives rise to different wines, strongly characterful and to say the least singular, with marked distinctive features that only Nature could paint so perfectly. The snapshots of these vineyards are in fact paintings
to be enjoyed in prolonged vision, they are images of still life, artifacts of primitive authors, lean and dense at the same time as are the wines that embody the place, projecting it beyond what it represents. Precise composition of vertiginous slopes, via ferratas, canyons, stacks, desert, volcanoes, fissured rocks, suspended lands and very ancient farming systems that seem to dance, crawling and flirting with the earth and the sky, then disappearing underground. The four friends met at the University of Alicante, became winemakers – undoubtedly shaped by the beauty of the lands they work – are now an extraordinary ensemble that works in synergy with the peasant populations and local cultures and that we offer you in these few pages.

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