Arlevo Eredi Cobelli 2020
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Arlevo Eredi Cobelli 2020

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Arlevo was born with the desire to use the Chardonnay variety as a conduit to talk about the terroir of its origin. To use the grape as a medium to bring into the bottle the whole history of chalk in the hills of Sorni.

Arlevo is a dialect word meaning "son", not only in the strict sense of the word but in the complexity of raising that creature born of his family's love.

The vineyard from which the grapes come is located at an altitude of 400 above sea level, and production is around 70-80 quintals per hectare.

To maintain the integrity of the berries and to be able to select the grapes, the grapes are harvested by hand and laid in bins. The crushed grapes undergo fermentation in third-passage used oak barrels. Here it will remain about 10 months. It then rests, another 4 months or so, in steel awaiting bottling.

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Eredi Cobelli

Eredi Cobelli Cellar

The Eredi Cobelli Farm born and found its dream in Sornì di Lavis, on the slopes of the Avisiane Hills near Trento, and for 150 years has passed through the generations the art of cultivating the land. Grounds that are part of the old Maso Panizza,  a place known for its legends throughout the area. The company's treasure lies in the respect and valorisation of the terroir, which basically consists of climate, man, vine, soil.

The climate has mild temperatures due to the influence of the Garda Ora, with thermal changes between night and day that allow the correct maturation and extraction of the aromatic components. Man and his work are respectful of biodiversity, to have healthy plants and a subsoil capable of working and transfering all soil components to the grape. The vine as a choice of local varieties able to find the ideal conditions for an excellent product. The ground that holds and feeds the screws best, leaving the right amount of water, air and minerals.

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