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Ron Gran Reserva 10 Years Eminente
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Ron Gran Reserva 10 Years Eminente

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The Cuban style of rum, or rather ron, has always been divided into two schools. The western one is rough, dry and perfect for cocktails. The oriental one is more devoted to tasting, round and fruity. But in the central region of Cuba a little known style is used outside the borders, which manages to combine the two sides of the distillate: robust but refreshing, round but complex.

The master distiller is César Martí, who became Maestro Ronero in just 9 years, and also the youngest to have obtained the qualification. It could not possibly have been otherwise, having been born into a family that has been growing sugar cane for generations, in the midst of plantations whose end is not in sight.

Ron Gran Reserva Eminente is made with 80% aguardiente (or molasses brandy) and light rum aged for a minimum of 10 years, a fruity profile and a spicy finish thanks to finishing in French oak barrels.

Three Senses
Coffee, red fruits, flowers, honey and vanilla. These are the main scents one perceives when tasting Eminente Gran Reserva. The fruity and spicy finish is due to the ageing in French oak barrels


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