Galli Enoteca is a firm which was established over 50 years ago and during this time it has changed both physically and in the type of services and activities that it has to offer.

It started as a wine-selling company. During the last 10 years the focus has been on French wines and wines obtained with indigenous yeasts. Nowadays Galli Enoteca is a highly specialised wine store and delicatessen.

The wine shop

The new headquarters in via Pisacane 2 at the corner of Portici Ercolani accelerated the process of transformation of our business, from shop to a wine culture venue, where you are welcomed with samples, where you can take part in wine tasting and insights that we organise in our wine cellar from time to time.

We select the best wineries

The choice of items that we enter into our catalogue takes place after long and extensive research and the selection of the most artisanal products possible. This selection is done by tasting but above all by travelling to discover wineries, companies, small scale winemakers and cultivated fields. Only by doing this is it possible to know who is behind a wine or a packet of pasta, how certain processes take place, what the vineyard looks like... and it almost always ends at the table, greeted with a good dish, a glass of wine (of course), and an anecdote that makes you feel part of the family. This is the most satisfying part of our work, and from our trips, we discover great products, get to hear wonderful tales and to visit memorable places.

Our services

The services that we offer are aimed at:

  • people who like to explore something different from the usual
  • business people who consult our selection when they require a business gift for an important customer
  • restaurateurs who ask our advice when they are creating their wine list
  • clients who require a venue for a business meeting and who wish to celebrate a business deal with a specially selected bottle of wine
  • our valued customers who buy online though our e-commerce site

Our "pay off" is: Mind the pleasure, please! Taste different!

Our contacts

Galli Enoteca by Galli Guido

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