Madera Bual Cossart-Gordon 5 anni

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Tipologia Vino Fortificato
Uvaggio Bual
Denominazione Madeira
Gradazione 19.0%
Cantina Cossart Gordon
Formato Bottiglia 0,70 lt
Paese Portogallo
Abbinag(i)usto Cioccolato

Madera Wine Company is a company that groups all the main producers of the island, while leaving each of them their own identity and production autonomy.
Among these producers, the BLANDY'S and COSSART-GORDON houses represent the élite of the qualitative production.
They are the oldest, as well as the richest of land, grapes and experience. True treasures lie in their cellars: wines that date back to the dawn of the century and testify to those who are lucky enough to taste them, the incredible potential of the great Madeira.
The Bual vine is the most identifiable of the vines that are used for the production of Madeira. Its characteristic khaki-colored fingernail distinguishes it from the others. It is also decidedly sweet, with a kind fruit, a fat and mature character, all underlined by a smoked and "cooked" complexity. Sugary residue around 78/96 gl. All MAdeira are subjected to a nondal fermntation and then undergo the defined process of estufagem, where the wine is passed in special furnaces for heating that gives the Madeira its particular characteristics, just as when the Madeira crossed the Tropics to be transported in the trade zones and heated up with the high temperature up to over 45 °

I 3 Sensi
Full color, full body and intense aroma, rich and fruity.
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Tipo di bicchiere
Servire a: 8°-10°C

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