How and where do we store your bottles?

Caveau Galli Enoteca

Since 2006, the winery has a large underground cellar that keeps his best wine discoveries: a real vault where they mature and age the most valuable bottles, and where, finding between vintages collectibles, rare bottles are aging but still of extraordinary fragrance. What makes the wine unique is its vault, and its vault are the climatic characteristics that guarantee a perfect preservation:

  • Humidity: The hygrometer of our cellar between 70 and 80%.
    The high humidity is due in addition to the underground room, also on the type of flooring, stone like the rest, which allows for proper breathability and moisture at the same time to rise from the ground and spread evenly in the rest of the cave. Excess moisture is only good for storing wine, less for the conservation of the labels, but they remain intact with a bit of plastic wrap around the bottle.
  • Temperature is slightly variable during the year from 12 to 18 gr Celsius, thanks to a special coating parietal painting heat which guarantees a smooth and gradual oscillation periods between summer and winter, with no sudden and major climatic changes.
  • The basement provides a natural air-conditioning and therefore optimal, given its depth of 4 meters, with fluctuations not only seasonal but also of position: in the wall on the north lie the white 12 gr, 14 gr in other areas are dedicated to the red.
  • Light: the winery is almost dark, except for the two small windows placed on two different walls that allow just a hint of light and energy to the wine.

Scents: the vault is absolutely odorless, beyond the smell of moisture, not to attack the wine with other odors which could alter its integrity.

  • Vibration: the cellar is far away from any source of vibration that can damage important wines.
  • Shelves: Wood and stone
  • Position of the bottles: horizontal for all wines except for wines waterways.

How to best preserve your bottles?

Galli Winery recommends that you put your best bottles in a cool place and the right humidity, horizontal and protected from light. To best preserve the labels just wrap the bottles in plastic wrap.

Why choose a natural wine?

The debate between traditional and natural wines is raging lately has specialized magazines that the web. Recently, the natural, organic, biodynamic, etc etc, has suffered much interest in the fashion of the moment, but for us it is not only fashionable, indeed, content and substance first! Why a wine is natural must meet at least these parameters, generic if you will, and then not go into detail of the biodynamic or organic:

  • The vines are grown without the use of chemicals
  • The wine cellar must be made with less intervention of synthetic substances (such as sulfur for example, that even if it should be given in small doses).

So ... now for you the top 5 reasons to choose a natural wine:

  1. It is a drink "healthy" and as far as alcohol, so always be taken with moderation, does not contain chemicals of any kind harmful to the human body (the wine of the day after the day after anyway you will feel fresh, happy and healthy if the drink is ... always a pleasure ... moderato)
  2. It is a drink that evolves: a natural wine will change the nose to the taste and appearance in your glass giving you feelings and emotions are always unique, because craftsmanship.
  3. It is absolutely true that costs the most certain is that if you relate a natural wine (and if they are also excellent under 10 €) to a wine shelf in a supermarket, the proportion is not fair. Despite the workmanship, leaf by leaf, without the intervention of mass is more expensive in terms of time, the tenants of natural wine always favor quality over quantity.
  4. It is a liquid that tells the nature and the people who work there. For the winemaker natural land must not be altered in balance, and the winemaker is only the caretaker and never a manipulator.
  5. Because of its beauty lies in being always different: you will never find a bottle like the other, as with all handmade products, and each bottle will be a unique experience.

Obviously, these two lines would open up pages and pages of insights, controversy, criticism. We just want to tell you that the wine is not only educational, parameters, fashion, marketing, and from time banality and rigor. If the wine is a product of nature and man must be true, as true everything else. Without detracting from the so-called traditional wines ... to us the true wine makes us more fun.
To you the choice ... have fun!

How to recognize a good wine?

Letting always suggest by their senses ... all of us know how to recognize the goodness in a wine, and it is not always necessary to be an insider.

The price is or not indicative of quality factor?

Absolutely not: Sometimes the great wines that over the years have gained important market shares have become real products marketing and bottles at the same time with fair prices hide amazing wines: the quality of a wine is the passion and skill of the winemaker first of all, and not least the quality of the grapes of course.

How to pair a dish with a wine?

In principle, it is argued for the opposite, so if the pot is fat you are trying to accompany him to a wine with good acidity, and vice versa. But in wine, as in all art forms (because the wine is) the rule is not gold and it is not good to pigeonhole fixed parameters, so here are some suggestions in our cellar online.

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